A Diary Entry – Good Morning Sunshine

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My phone makes the popcorn sound. Two incoming texts appear on the top.



It makes me happy, but I don’t respond.

I just want the message.

Responding will close the door on sacred morning silence.

I’m not ready for that.

Time hangs soft in this place and I don’t want to leave yet.

Doves coo outside.

The clock ticks steady on the wall, his pendulum faithful.

The collar of the one-eyed cat happily tinkles. The cat doesn’t dwell on his missing eye. He just looks with the one he has.

I like it here in the quiet.

I once hired someone to edit my posts…she wondered if I should help my reader apply my short story to her life.

I didn’t think so.

My stories are for the ones who like to encounter Application themselves.

Goodmorning sunshine.

I watched a tragic movie last night with my beautiful daughter.

Legends of the Fall.

Tragedy so terrible, we lost 3 significant and beautiful characters…but we only cried once…when the father had a stroke.

We kinda hated it by the end so demanded ourselves verbalize a takeaway we could leave it with.

The stroke victim need not and does not lose his glory.


Curious about this little diary entry?

My beautiful father, a recent stroke victim, sent the morning text.

The short story referenced can be found here: You Can Thrive in The Desert.

My favorite part is when the narrator suddenly eats the petal.

Looking back, I see I took my editor’s advice, even though it went against my grain. It’s a good thing to let someone push you to go against your grain sometimes.

You learn.

Sometimes you learn something new and change your grain.

Sometimes you learn to deepen your God-given grain.

Our takeaway from the movie? Perhaps I’ve already spoiled the ending. The stroke-victim? He’s the boss.

Oh, and don’t go to war.

Or trust the government.

But those last two imperatives? They’re not for you. I don’t like to tell my readers what to do.

Finally, people are beautiful, so the repetitive use of the adjective to describe them in this post is not something to frown upon.


One more thing.

Jesus is my favorite. Though his name is not explicitly found here, he’s present. Can you see him?

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