Counting Covid Deaths

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In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, the world calls for me to become a death counter – one who counts deaths, especially Covid deaths.

The verb count has at least a couple of meanings:

(1) to determine the total number. E.g, “We have one hundred thirty deaths as of today in my county due to Covid19.”

(2) be significant or have worth. E.g., “Death counts, so wear a mask.”

I can’t seem to make myself count Covid19 deaths without also counting cancer deaths, accidental deaths, war deaths, suicide deaths, etc.

I know I’m made to count, but should I become a death counter?

I wonder, “Jesus, what would you have me count?”

Immediately, the words in Genesis 15:5 come to mind, when God took Abram outside and said, “Look up at the sky and count the stars – if indeed you can count them.”

But I can’t count them.

I hear a response, “Yes, I have called you to count the countless.”

These words flood with meaning.

When life bears down, looks wrong or appears barren, will I count the weight of it?  Or will I count the countless supremacy of my God and His immeasurably good plans for my future and legacy? Thanksliving.

When the countless go uncounted, the widow, the fatherless, the lost, will I come alongside my God, count them and  remind them they count? Rightliving.

When my own sins try to crush me, attempting to beat me to the ground, will I count myself the way Christ counts me, righteous? Graceliving.

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