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The Strength of a Six-Word Memoir

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I was introduced to the idea of a Six Word Memoir and encouraged to write one by Stephanie S. Smith in one of her Slant Letters, titled Don’t Be a Small Talk Writer.

Here’s mine:

Beloved, Knowing More, Loving More, Beloved.

I love how it’s guarded on each side by identity.  Beloved.  It’s my name, Amy, which literally means beloved.  It’s my beginning and my ending with all the change in between, never-ending growth of increase in good things, all thanks to my eternal, infinite, generous, loving God.

I’ve found there’s something powerful about creating and then having a personal, unique six-word memoir.  It’s a simple way to stand on your identity.  When life is tough and breathing down my neck, I need simple.

The power of this particular six-word memoir reminds me of a scene in the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.  A high school student, Spencer, is transformed into a video game and finds himself being chased on foot by a slew of scary guys on motorcycles.  At this point, he still hasn’t quite figured out the power of his new identity as the hero of the game, Dr. Smolder Bravestone.  One of his strengths is Boomerang.  Finding a boomerang, he just throws it out in the general direction of the bad guys.  I don’t think it would be a spoiler to say it’s successful (I’ll leave out the exact details) but what I love about it is





It’s simple.  It wipes out the enemy and returns back to him.  It doesn’t require much thought and it’s OK that he felt a little panicked when he wildly threw it out in the general direction of his attacking adversaries.

THIS six-word memoir feels like that.  I don’t have to think much to throw it out there.  If I’ve spent time working through my life story and then confidently narrowing it all down to these six words, I can throw it out easily at those lies that sometimes chase me down and put me in a panic.  Enemy destroyed.  Truth returned to me.

I like what Steph says, “So, this is my challenge for you; pursue the profound and practice it in brevity.”

In Christ, I am Dr. Bravestone.  One of my strengths is Boomerang, My Six-Word Memoir.


What’s your six-word memoir?  Do you think creating one can become a strength?  I’d LOVE to read and talk about yours! Feel free to share yours in the comments below!

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