Those who don't try never look foolish.

Stephen Schwartz

Listening With Your Mind’s Eye

Reading Time: 4 minutes Close your eyes and imagine a glass. What did you see? I saw a tall, slender, clear glass filled with ice and a clear carbonated beverage, probably Sprite. What I saw was formed in my mind’s eye, or my imagination. The Lord may use our imagination to speak to us. For me, receiving pictures from Read More

Six Fighter Jets

The Strength of a Six-Word Memoir

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was introduced to the idea of a Six Word Memoir and encouraged to write one by Stephanie S. Smith in one of her Slant Letters, titled Don’t Be a Small Talk Writer. Here’s mine: Beloved, Knowing More, Loving More, Beloved. I love how it’s guarded on each side by identity.  Beloved.  It’s my name, Read More

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