It's one thing to have THE most powerful title in the world at a given time in history, but for THE King of kings to know you by name, now that's something else!

Amy Burgin

Choose Worship Over Worry Because Our God is Worthy

Reading Time: 3 minutes I gotta admit, sometimes this pandemic freaks me out. Every day I work to read what God says before I read the words of the President, the CDC, and Italy. Just when I think I conquered the fear of the pandemic, I receive a private message, with an explicit command embedded inside, “be scared out Read More

The Righteous Made Perfect

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the morning, I read about Nadab and Abihu. The brothers offered unauthorized fire, so fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them (Leviticus 10). Their father, Aaron the priest, stands silent. Like Aaron, I’m silent too because before I read that, my mind had been fixed on the fact that Read More

Name the Good

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Adam and Eve sinned, God pursued. When they hid, God called, “Where are you?” God’s Response in the Heart Wrenching When they answered, God spoke in Genesis 3:14-19. He cursed the serpent with an exclamation mark and warned him of his coming doom, his head would be struck by a Victor birthed from the Read More

It’s Not Our Job to Make Christmas Special

Reading Time: 4 minutes On Saturday, December 21st, I made a cup of coffee, raised the blinds of my bedroom window, sat in bed and wrote out my morning pages.  Morning pages are just a dump of your brain onto paper. Julia Cameron taught me about them in her book The Artist’s Way. I’ve found they help me know Read More

Know Your Deeper Story

Reading Time: 5 minutes A dear friend and I gathered for lunch. She sat across the table from me and grieved, “My life has not turned out as I had planned.  We are behind financially. We sold our house and our acreage in our youth to follow God and here we are now, almost empty-nesters, with no house of Read More

A Christmas Carol for the Coder

Reading Time: 3 minutes I returned to work after over thirteen years as a stay-at-home mother and wife. It’s been a tough transition, but I enjoy my new job. It even comes with a glamorous title – I’m a full-stack developer in the making at a top tier research institute working on ground data systems for NASA missions. In Read More

You Can Thrive in the Desert

Reading Time: 3 minutes I once thought I could never bloom in a barren land, never be all God called me to be in the midst of hard, dry circumstances. Then a friend named Stacy told me I could thrive in the desert. What freedom this brings! When life is dry and barren, the sun burns hot, and all Read More

I Want to Be Like You

Reading Time: < 1 minute I sat under a grand tree and asked him, “What is it you do?” “I withstand the hot sun and provide shade when I do.” “Oh, how I aspire to be like you!” *** When life bears down, hot and dry, you can stand strong and steady through Christ, flourishing with fruit and providing a Read More

fiery tulips

We Sometimes Need Help to Walk Out Forgiveness

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re anything like me, forgiving can be difficult.  You want to forgive.  You say you forgive, but then old offenses flood your brain against your will at the most inopportune times and you wonder if you really did forgive.  You wonder if you really can forgive. We sometimes need help to walk out forgiveness Read More

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