How could a woman as weak as I
Lift a name as weighty as yours
High on peaks I cannot reach
This is the miracle I do seek

Amy Burgin

person in bed covering their face

If I Make My Bed in Hell, You Are There!

Reading Time: 3 minutes When we’ve made a wrong and regretful choice that brings unpleasant consequences, we sometimes hear that dreadful command, “You’ve made your bed. Now lie in it!”  Sometimes it comes from a family member or friend and sometimes we hear it in our own heads. It’s such a rude rebuke. It’s not God’s way. Certainly, consequences Read More

A woman swimming towards the surface of the water

Calling Forth Life From the Deep While Standing on the Surface

Reading Time: 4 minutes When my oldest daughter fell into the deep abyss we call the “Junior Year of High School,” I freaked out.  The workload was intense with multiple Advanced Placement courses and she became overwhelmed to the max.  She slunk into the isolation of her bedroom often. Her straight A’s, turned to B’s, to C’s then dove Read More

It's an adjective, but to walk fully in its description, one must recognize the imperative within and be loved.

Amy Burgin

Does the Proverbs 31 Woman Ever Sleep?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Haunted by exhaustion and the need for sleep most of the years of my motherhood, I was sometimes discouraged by the Proverbs 31 woman.  I would find myself trying to live up to her standards and failing, especially when it came to sleep. One verse in particular made me feel like a real loser: verse Read More

Jesus Won’t Leave You in Wrong-Thinking

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes I just worry that I’m not thinking rightly.  I’m certainly aware of a lot of wrong-thinking I have justified in my brain: blaming others for my decisions; laying down my God-given authority; judging, comparing myself to and competing with others; treasuring temporal trinkets; floundering in self-pity; missing the most important ones in front of Read More

Why Did I Just Say That?

Reading Time: 5 minutes We often ask the Lord, “Why?” but do we ask it of ourselves? “Why do I want to say that?”  “Why DID I do that?” “Why do I want to go over there?”  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until my late twenties before I learned to ask myself this simple and telling question, “Why?”  “Why did I just Read More

Those who don't try never look foolish.

Stephen Schwartz

Listening With Your Mind’s Eye

Reading Time: 4 minutes Close your eyes and imagine a glass. What did you see? I saw a tall, slender, clear glass filled with ice and a clear carbonated beverage, probably Sprite. What I saw was formed in my mind’s eye, or my imagination. The Lord may use our imagination to speak to us. For me, receiving pictures from Read More

Six Fighter Jets

The Strength of a Six-Word Memoir

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was introduced to the idea of a Six Word Memoir and encouraged to write one by Stephanie S. Smith in one of her Slant Letters, titled Don’t Be a Small Talk Writer. Here’s mine: Beloved, Knowing More, Loving More, Beloved. I love how it’s guarded on each side by identity.  Beloved.  It’s my name, Read More

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