I Want to Be Like You

Reading Time: < 1 minute I sat under a grand tree and asked him, “What is it you do?” “I withstand the hot sun and provide shade when I do.” “Oh, how I aspire to be like you!” *** When life bears down, hot and dry, you can stand strong and steady through Christ, flourishing with fruit and providing a Read More

fiery tulips

We Sometimes Need Help to Walk Out Forgiveness

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re anything like me, forgiving can be difficult.  You want to forgive.  You say you forgive, but then old offenses flood your brain against your will at the most inopportune times and you wonder if you really did forgive.  You wonder if you really can forgive. We sometimes need help to walk out forgiveness Read More

The mattering part is never what isn't.

Ann Voskamp

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Plenty Big Enough to Dream

Reading Time: 4 minutes On January 5th, 2018, I received an email from a friend full of encouraging words including these four, “You are a dreamer.”  She couldn’t have known I had entered a new season of dreaming and planning. And every time I did dream, a question came to mind with accusing tone, “Who do you think you Read More

I have a point of view. You have a point of view. God has view.

Madeleine L'Engle

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Comparison Can’t Compete

Reading Time: 3 minutes In my church seat on a Sunday morning, aching to be included in God’s work, Comparison whispers in my ear, “God loves her more – look at all the beautiful and wondrous ways he partners with her in life.”  He’s not referring to anyone specifically. He’s talking in generalities, although a few faces of beautiful Read More

Seedling in Woman's Hands

The Practice of Moving in Slow Motion

Reading Time: 3 minutes I made a quinoa salad, which requires the preparation of many ingredients. I found myself rushing the work.  It was Sabbath.  I had hoped to finish all my work the day prior so I could truly rest on this day. I had failed yet again. My Sunday afternoon was spent reminding myself of the logic Read More

Tackling my to-do list is like solving a math word problem. The first step is to go ahead and cross out everything that's irrelevant.

Amy Burgin

black coffee pot and cup with Bible

In The Morning He Responds

Reading Time: < 1 minute In the morning Lord you hear my voice. In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. Lord, you are the giver of dreams. You are the one who whispers truth and rightness in my ears. You are the one who knows all solutions and you share them with your people, with Read More

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Don’t Look Back in Regret Thus Paralyzing Your God-Given Capacity to Preserve

Reading Time: 5 minutes Adults and children gather in the living room, lining up kitchen chairs against the fireplace.  The older girls stand, dancing their arms while we sing “This is Amazing Grace.” Little girls look up to the big girls and imitate.  One mother cups her hands around her little girl’s, synchronizing little arms in the dance. My Read More

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