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The Glory of the Total Solar Eclipse

What People Are Saying About The Glory of the Total Solar Eclipse

“Carefully researched and lovingly created, The Glory of the Total Solar Eclipse is a masterclass in writing, with an incredible examination of science, life, and faith that goes beyond the expected and will leave you laughing, crying, and with a newfound joy in your heart. Don’t miss this book!” – Nicole L. Standiford, Award-Winning Author

“Amy takes an uncommon approach as she simplifies scientific complexities, connecting the universe to our unique purpose as individuals. Understanding more of the beyond helps to draw our attention upward, and to challenge our alignment with the creator, who surely understands mankind!”  – Bob Unanue, CEO, Goya Foods

“Whether you’re a seasoned eclipse chaser or recently experienced your first, The Glory of the Total Solar Eclipse is a gift. Amy beautifully weaves the story of Christ’s redemption with the phases of the eclipse while interspersing personal stories. She has a gift for making space science accessible to everyone, and each page will remind you of God’s love, creativity, power, and hope. You will never look at an eclipse the same way again.” – Jill E. McCormick, writer, speaker, podcaster

“The Glory of the Total Solar Eclipse is a powerful narrative, interweaving real lives of the human experience to an Almighty creator’s artsy display. A fantastic display, the eclipse is in constant movement, yet illuminating from every location the need to grab hold of God’s path for our lives. As the parents of Britta (Chapter 13), we especially appreciate Amy’s heartfelt effort to connect this grand universe to each of our lives, so that we may live as she might say “in totality” of God’s design. You’ll be blessed by enjoying this book!” – Elsa and Charles Ezell, Meant to Soar Foundation

“A wonderful and exceptionally well-written and researched story of the perfect total solar eclipse, interwoven with the beauty of intelligent design, and God’s promise of salvation through Jesus Christ.” – Rob Thorpe, Software Program Manager

Step into the radiant pages of The Glory of the Total Solar Eclipse, where every subtle detail of this celestial dance unfolds. Amy lovingly invites readers to open their hearts and spiritual eyes to unlock ethereal truths found in this natural wonder.  For those of us looking toward the heavens for inspiration, this book is a must read. – Mario and Danielle Lopez, Author and Co-Author of How I Know

“Amy Burgin has crafted an overview of the Total Solar Eclipse that introduces us to the grace, wonder, and faithfulness of God. Her words, from a solidly biblical perspective, compare and contrast the glory of a solar eclipse with the story of the world and my own place in it—a tiny speck in the universe and yet a valued, loved, and cherished child of God. Thanks to Amy’s clear writing, scientific principles stick and spiritual concepts unfold. You will want a copy of The Glory of the Total Solar Eclipse to go with each pair of viewing glasses you share! —Mandy Pallock, Author of The Question Habit